Travel & Health Insurance

Want to travel stress-free along with your baggage, gadgets, documents? Travel Insurance for yourself and your belongings ensures that, with APAC’s expert handling of all your Insurance needs. While you arrive in Singapore, our expert team would be assisting you with your Cargo insurance also.

Travel insurance

Make your travel an ‘experience’ by taking a travel insurance plan. Is it expensive? Not at all! Considering the benefits and peace of mind it brings along, thus making your travel a breeze…

…What if some emergency strikes and instead of panicking you are relaxed? With travel insurance, you can imagine this, but God forbid if some untoward incident happened like loss of baggage, a document like a passport or credit card or emergency landing, where would you turn for help? Even worse if flights are delayed or cancelled!

This way we see that travelling is a bundle of uncertainties and it is important to create a safety net for your travel. Travel Insurance are so designed so that they cover the costs and losses thus mitigating the risks of any untoward incident. As a study has pointed out that chances of losing your valuable documents or even gadgets are higher while travelling. More so, sometimes your body is not accustomed to temperature changes/ fluctuations which could lead to some serious ailment while travelling. Your travel insurance covers you for that also. This way it is all-encompassing insurance which covers you from all uncertainties while travelling.

Listed below are a few common ones: –

Single trip:  It is a short-term plan that covers a specific one-way trip to Singapore. Hence, if you are travelling to Singapore with no specific date of return, you can opt for this one. This is appropriate for those who are not sure of future travels.

Annual cover:  This insurance plan protects an individual for a complete year.  Your trip to any region for up to 90 days are included in this plan, thus ensuring stress-free travel around the year.

Family plan: A family plan insures you, your spouse and children, however, some providers impose a cap on the number of family members allowed under one plan.

Group plan: When travelling in groups of five or more, this plan is most beneficial. It covers each individual, but the overall cost would be lower.

If you are a heading for adventure sports/activities or having a pre-existing medical condition or are on a family way, you are not covered by regular travel plans. There are separate plans for that which would be covering you for certain specific issues.

Take your pick accordingly!