Australia is one of the best destination to migrate in the world. Australia is a very environmental friendly place. Australia has large metropolitan city to tiny rural town. The best place to live in Australia depends on economic, environmental and employment factors. Some best place to live in Australia is mentioned below.

1) Melbourne – Melbourne is the most famous place in Australia. Melbourne is famous for its beaches, festivals, pageants, and musical events. Amazing Street Art is common here. Film industry is completely focussed on Melbourne. It is a family friendly area with great schools and low crime rate. Melbourne is an expensive city, but it is a safe place to migrate too.

2) Hobart – Hobart has cultural festivals held throughout the year, a large museum, botanical gardens, and nationwide sporting events are also held. It is the capital of Tasmania. It has a port and eco cruises to Antartica.  It is a highly developed place with import and export business. Other industries include ore refiners, zinc smelters, large breweries etc. This is one of the rocking cities to settle in.

3)  Canberra – Canberra is the largest city on the continent that does not have a coastline. There are wonderful opportunity for education in Canberra. Many national monuments and landmarks are present in this place. Australian National Botanical Gardens, National Dinosaur Museum, National Zoo and Aquarium are some of the important places in Australia. Unemployment is very low in this city. According to the reports employment rate is one of the highest in Australia and hence it attracts a huge migrants to this place.

4) Sydney – It is the largest city in Australia. It attracts a huge tourists. Some of the important place are Sydney Opera House, museums, festivals, music venues etc. They are tons of parks and recreational areas in this place. Sydney is one of the best place to settle. It attracts migrants from all over the world.