7 Best Singaporean Foods & Dishes | What to Eat in Singapore?

Written By Priyadarshini Nandi

October 9, 2020

Food is the one thing that brings people together and everywhere you go you will find people connecting over food. Singapore is no different. Yummy alert! Singaporeans are foodies and the local culture here is gastronomically rich & exquisite. The country has a diverse cuisine influenced by many ethnic communities and both restaurants and street hawkers are popular with the crowd. Read about 7 best Singaporean foods & dishes in this blog.

If you are an expat living in Singapore, or a tourist, or if you visit Singapore for work, this list of 7 best Singaporean foods & dishes is a must try!

We have curated a list of the finest food fare that you can find in street carts to swanky restaurants across the city.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Number one on the spot is Hainanese chicken rice as this is the local favourite. It is a vey popular dish in Singapore and it is also the national food of the country. It is steamed chicken served with flavorful and aromatic rice cooked with chicken stock. The chicken is fragrant and it makes for a simple & fulfilling meal. In addition, try it with some dipping sauce to enhance the taste!  We recommend you not to miss this delicacy as this is a must-try in Singapore.

Chili Crab

Next on the list is chili crab. Crab dishes are widely popular across the globe and Singaporeans love their crabs too. It is hard-shell crab cooked in aromatic thick gravy with a tomato & chili base. Chili crab is sumptuous and above all, an absolutely delicious affair. So don’t wait, bring out your meat cleavers and dig in!


For all noodle lovers, a very popular rice noodle dish is Laksa and next time you’re in Singapore order this dish – rice noodle cooked in spicy coconut curry. It is served along with fish cakes, shrimp, egg and chicken shredding. Get this from a humble street-side hawker or at any restaurant. Ask for Katong Laksa as colloquially known here, when you crave for a warm soupy meal. After that, just sit somewhere and enjoy the delicious food.


Who doesn’t know Satay? Satay is everywhere in South-East Asia. But do give it a try when in Singapore, because here it has its own unique taste. Satay is prepared from skewered meat and grilled to perfection. It is served with rice cake known as ketupat and peanut sauce with cucumber-chili relish. This is the perfect starter that no one can resist. Moreover, you can pair it along with a drink for a perfect combination. In other words, this could be easily be your comfort food.

Nasi Lemak

Next up is Nasi lemak and if you want to try a completely local meal, go for this one. Nasi lemak is a combination of coconut rice, omelet, anchovies, a slice of cucumber, some chili paste, and it is usually served on a banana leaf. This is the best local meal you can try, flavourful, and packed with spices. Above all, this dish will give you an original taste of Singapore as it is one of the seven best Singaporean dishes you will taste.

Hokkien Prawn Mee

Prawns here are wonderfully fresh & juicy. So don’t miss them! Hokkein Prawn mee is stir-fried Hokkien noodles served with prawns, slices of pork, chicken, squid, and fish cake and is topped with some seasoned soy sauce, vinegar, and chili (you can’t miss the chili here). Pour in some sambal, add a dash of lime & voila you have an irresistible bowl of Hokkien prawn mee.

Char Kuay Teow

Another famous delicacy from the street carts is Char kuay teow. It comprises of broad noodles fried in black soya sauce, bean sprouts, fish cakes, clams, and Chinese sausages. It is fragrant and has a smoky taste. You can enjoy this dish on-the-go, for instance a quick office lunch.

Is your mouth watering already? Mine is…. so now you know what to try in Singapore next time you’re here. To sum up, get out on the streets and channel your inner foodie!


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