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Written By Priyadarshini Nandi

September 13, 2021

If you are a woman moving abroad, whether alone or with a partner or family, it is vital to consider what you should (and should not) do to ensure your safety. Safety is a major concern especially in a new environment. Life in a new country can be exciting and adventurous, but a new location brings with it new safety concerns. In this blog, we tell you safety tips for expats, especially women who are living abroad.

While there are no foolproof methods of avoiding all danger, the majority of female expats report a safe and crime-free environment. However, whether at home or abroad, it is always important to follow good safety precautions. It is entirely up to you which of these you follow. However, these are internationally recognised by humanitarian and safety agencies as some of the best tips to help keep safe.

Safety Tips for Expats – Women

Dress Like a Local

One good tip is to dress like a local, whether that means dressing more conservatively, avoiding specific colours or patterns, or wearing specific items of clothing. Adopting local customs and clothing rules will help you blend in and avoid offending or upsetting locals.

Use Public Transportaion

When travelling alone or with others, only use licenced taxis. Stick to regulated modes of public transportation. Follow what the locals do and take cues on which modes of transportation and routes are the safest. Before you leave, plan your route and research the area’s safety.

Keep Your Closed Ones Informed

Let people know where you’re going, especially if you’re meeting new people. This could be new friends and colleagues, or friends and family back home.
Try to learn the local language. Regardless of the situation, being able to communicate with and understand those around you will allow you to make more informed decisions and keep you safer.

Know About Your Surrounding Area

Learn about your surroundings so you can walk around with confidence and purpose. It will also help you gain confidence and feel more at ease.

Find a Safe Place to Stay

Find a home that makes you feel safe. Try to visit the property at least once before moving in, and ideally start with a monthly contract so that you can get a feel for the place and whether you feel comfortable there before committing long-term.

Don’t Take Unknown Routes

Don’t walk alone at night, even if the distance is short. Use licenced and regulated modes of transportation instead, or walk with someone you know and trust.

Don’t Trust Unregulated Transport

It is advisable not to hike or use unregulated modes of transportation, such as unlicensed taxis.

Beware of What you Wear

Do not wear expensive or showy jewellery that may draw attention,  In this way, you may unintentionally attract thieves and pickpockets.

Leave Your Drink Unattended

Never leave your drink unattended. This should be a general rule, not just for adjusting to life in a new country!

Apart from these major do’s and don’ts ensure you do not give out personal information such as your address or hotel room number, for example. Go by the general rule of thumb like don’t do anything you wouldn’t do at home. Just because you enjoy exploring new places doesn’t mean you should abandon your common sense. All of these safety tips have been curated to give you a better experience of life as an expat. These safety tips for expats, especially women will make you more confident and aware in your day-to-day life.

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