Office Moving &
Relocation Services


With the world becoming a global village, office relocation has become common for many companies. APAC Relocation is a top relocation service within Singapore & overseas. Our team of relocation pros have helped thousands of clients to move their offices and can facilitate your office relocation efficiently with minimal disruption to your work.

If you are planning to move your office, our champion professionals will plan every detail of your relocation from scratch & ensure you have a stress-free experience. To know more, write to us at

  • Affordable Relocation within Singapore & overseas
  • Real-time Shipment Tracking/ Monitoring
  • Customized Relocation Services to match your need
  • Dedicated Assistance for all your questions
  • Insured & Safe Relocation
  • Install App for all kinds of information at your fingertips

Benefits of APAC Relocation

Turnkey Office Moving & Relocation Services

APAC Relocation is dedicated to providing you turnkey solutions which make office relocation/moving easy and simple.


  • Comprehensive list of all inventory/items that needs to be relocated (includes crating and packaging of furniture, documents, files, sensitive documents, equipment and tech devices, etc.).
  • Expert consultants to plan every detail according to your preference.
  • Single-point assistance to guide you through the entire relocation process.
  • White glove professionals to carefully pack, move & transport your items.
  • Lockbox services, secure file relocations, offsite record storage, and external storage services.
  • IT disconnection and reconnection services.
  • Trained furniture movers for disassembling & reassembling furniture.
  • Unloading & unpacking your office contents with minimal down time.
  • Temporary safe warehouse for storage if your office space is not ready.
  • Post moving office deep-cleaning and polishing.

APAC Relocation’s Commitment as Your Relocation Partner

Tell us where you are moving to & from and our team of experts will be at your service. We provide great accountability and open communication to clients for a seamless relocation process. Our hard-working & dedicated team is committed to ensure you a smooth, hassle-free transition of your office. Contact us at APAC Relocation, to get a quote.