Moving to Europe

Europe is a vast expanse of land which covers more than 50 countries and offers diversity in culture, language, political and religious beliefs to the expats. If you are also planning to move to Europe with bag and baggage either for your work commitments or joining your family for forever, connect with APAC Relocation for a smooth and hassle-free relocation.

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Moving to Germany

Are you ready to experience the high-quality life in Germany?

Germany due to its powerful economy attracts many international businesses. This place is a home to 85.7 million people (has the highest population in the EU) and famous destination for expatriates to relocate. If you are also planning to move to Germany and take advantage of top-notch schooling systems, well-maintained infrastructure, and brilliant transportation system, APAC Relocation can help you in planning a successful move.

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Moving to France

With the most lovely places in France located overseas, France has got a mixed territorial beauty that would attract several tourists to visit it. If you are really crazy about the Mother Nature that France possesses with it but also want to be economical in your expenses, then moving to France is the best solution as it has got several of opportunities that could let you earn money.

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Moving to Spain

Spain does have gorgeous beaches that run for miles, long history, mountains of Andalucía, vibrant cities and a sunny climate throughout, but relocating here will become a daunting task in the absence of professional international packers and movers.

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Moving to Switzerland

Are you planning to relocate to the beautiful country Switzerland?

Switzerland is a beautiful country known for gorgeous landscapes, clean air, banking, outdoor Lifestyle, and top-notch luxury goods. Moving to Switzerland can be quite complicated due to Swiss bureaucracy since this place is not a part of EU anymore.  But with APAC Relocation sg movers by your side, not any more.

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Moving to Portugal

Portugal is especially famous for the “Port Wine.”  It is one of the warmest European countries. The Portuguese Republic is a nation situated in Europe. This nation makes the Iberian Peninsula with Spain.

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Moving to Italy

Thinking to move to one of the leading fashion center across the globe, Milan?

Migrating to a foreign country has become a tradition since few decades. However, people who are interested in earning money but also want to spend time with family should prefer Italy for the reason it has got a unique lifestyle that is not seen anywhere else in the rest of the world.

Make your relocation to Italy easy and smooth with Apac Relocation. Our dedicated team understands well how making any relocation smooth.

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Moving to Netherlands

The Netherlands has been ranked 11th on the global QLI-quality life index attracts millions of expats due to its easy-going lifestyle, high employment rates, good health service, and above all best living standards.

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Moving to UK

Planning to relocate to the UK?

The United Kingdom or as we call it Uk in an unlikely fashion perfectly amalgamates four countries-England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. Whether you are planning to move Birmingham for fun and full of excitement life or the Edinburgh-seat of Scottish Parliament and city of festivals, APAC relocation can help in planning your overseas move hassle-free.

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Moving to Belgium

Planning to relocate to the Belgium?

Belgium, the land of beer and french fries has lots more to offer to you. But before moving to Belgium learn about the land, and find out how you can make your life organized and comfortable. Whether you are moving there for flourishing career or to keep some personal commitment, the land will definitely welcome you with an open heart.

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Asia / Pacific

Moving to Asia

Planning to move to the world’s largest and most populous continent, Asia? Experience a whole new world in the suburbs of Delhi or on the ring roads of Beijing. Contact our expat relocation specialist and everything from packing to customs clearances will be taken care of by us.


Moving to South Korea

The excellence of its cuisine and its public transport, its internet infrastructure and its security culture has attracted more and more people to stay and live in South Korea. Known as one of the most affordable places to live and start a business, more and more foreigners decide to settle in this Asian country.


Moving to Japan

Japan, the land of possibilities and growth has emerged as a popular choice among young professionals. As many MNC’s have headquartered in Japan and professionals are relocating to fulfill their professional goals. No matter what the reason is for relocating this beautiful Asian country will definitely win your heart with its simplicity. No matter what the purpose of relocation is, plan it perfectly with professional movers and packers.


Moving to India

India is a home to rich civilization, diverse cultures is Located in Southern Asia, this vibrant country believes in the principle of Atithi Devo Bhava and offers a comfortable world to the people who are planning to move here.


Moving to Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the truly international city is attracting expats from all across the globe and people are moving to this tiny yet power packed city to fulfill their professional dreams and aspirations.


Moving to Saudi

Moving to Saudi to fulfill your personal and professional goals? Apac Relocation would be happy to be the part of your relocation. Apart from packing the goods and transiting them there are many more factors that need to be managed while relocating.


Moving to Australia

Want to move to the US for better career opportunities or green card? Contact us and see all your visa and immigration issues getting resolved while relocating to the Austrlia. Our expat relocation services in Singapore are beyond traditional residential and commercial moves. We have helped lot of people to relocate to Sydney. Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Darvin


Moving to Singapore

Thinking to move to one of the leading financial center across the globe, Singapore? We are the best international movers based in Singapore. For all your to and from Singapore relocation needs, APAC is the ultimate one-stop destination. Contact our expat removal specialist. We move from furniture to giant pianos and vehicles.


Moving to New Zealand

Are you looking for relocation to New Zealand? By using our packing and moving services, your personal household items, furnitures, and any other unusual goods are in safe hands. Contact us and experience the professional New Zealand relocation team for your house removals


America / Africa

Moving to USA

Want to move to the US for better career opportunities or green card? Contact us and see all your visa and immigration issues getting resolved while relocating to the USA. Our expat relocation services in Singapore are beyond traditional residential and commercial moves. We also offer visa/Immigration services, school search, home search, temporary accommodation, settling-in, orientation, etc.


Moving to Canada

Planning to move to Canada? Experience a whole new world in the suburbs of Canad or on the ring roads of USA. Contact our expat relocation specialist for relocation to Canada and everything from packing to customs clearances will be taken care of by us .


Moving to Brazil

Expats wish to move to Brazil either for job purpose or to permanently stay in such a gorgeous place has to go with the lengthy and challenging process of packing and moving. International movers can come to rescue at this point.


Moving to Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a wild, untamed and rugged country, is a dream location to many foreigners. It is known as Central America’s green paradise with stunning beaches, rainforests and biodiversity, with a wildlife that is flourishing.


Moving to Argentina

Argentina is an appealing destination for expats and retirees. It is widely known for the tango, elegant architecture, steak, wine and soccer. The cultural richness and its natural beauty, the lush rainforest, spectacular deserts, snowy mountains perfect for skiing and most of all its beautiful pristine beaches, makes it a dream destination to many.


Moving to South Africa

South Africa is known for its ethnic and cultural diversity. It is often described as ‘A World in One Country’ due to it being one of the most diverse country in the world. The warm and sunny climate on the western side gives a Mediterranean experience and the eastern part of South Africa has a sub-Saharan Africa feel to it. South Africa also has such a diverse landscape as well, from Drankensberg, a range of mountains covered in snow, to the Kalahari Desert, where temperatures often reach over 40oC. Other areas include lush green hills and abundant farmlands.


Moving to Kenya

Kenya is known for its scenic landscapes and extensive wildlife preserves, including cheetahs, elephants, lions, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses and many more. This panoramic geography and diverse wildlife attract a lot of European and North American nationals, helping the tourism industry in Kenya. Kenya is also widely known for its musical and culinary heritage. Kenyan nationals proudly celebrate their cultures and traditions through their long history of musical and artistic expressions.