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Moving to Sweden

A country that values equality and diversity

Sweden is one of those countries with a tradition of royalty and monarchy, which has not been over-Westernized and remains very authentic. There are endless landmarks, museums and national parks to explore. One primary reason people visit Sweden is for the Northern Lights. People from all over the world goes to witness the breathtaking Aurora Borealis.

Why move to Sweden?

Apart from its beautiful landscapes and pristine nature, Sweden is very high-tech country. This seeds opportunities for foreign employees especially in the engineering and computer software professions. Its reputation for high salaries and generous paternal leave makes Sweden an ideal destination for expatriates. They also have a healthy work-life balance, this means overtimes are not encouraged and formal titles are discarded. Sweden also has an adundunt economic opportunities with extensive social welfare especially in the healthcare and public education sectors.

Swedish locals are very friendly, expatriates would not have to worry about fitting in. The happy and safe atmosphere brings everyone together, with equal respect for all traditions. Swedish people are strong believers of equality and diversity; thus they accept and celebrate people from all around the world. You are guaranteed to enjoy a balanced and prosperous life in Sweden!

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What do you need to keep in mind when relocating to Sweden?

  • School and colleges: Swedish higher education system is ranked one of the best in the world. In addition, Sweden provides free education for EU nationals even in universities and colleges. However, if you are a non-EU national you are required to pay tuition fee even in public schools. General entry requirement for bachelor’s level studies are successfully completed high school education (with 10 years of Mathematics studies) and proficiency in English.
  • Housing: Foreigners often find themselves having to move multiple times before finding permanent place. This is due to the housing shortage in Sweden that there is a black market for long term leases. Expats looking for long-term accommodation are better off buying a house instead. You will have options for many types of houses from high-rise apartments to modern landed houses.
  • Jobs: The tourism industry in Sweden has been growing rapidly, therefore there are plenty of job opportunities there. Other professions in demand in Sweden are pharmacist, high school teacher, engineers, chemists, vocational teachers, software developers, university professors, doctors and nurses. Do take note that due to the high numbers of work permits applied, in 2018 nearly 20% were denied. Employers tend to hire Swedish nationals or look for those who are willing to learn the language and embrace their culture.
  • Bank accounts: It is advisable to open a Swedish bank account if you intend to stay there for a while, this will save you money on international fees and your employer will be able to transfer the salary to you directly. To open an account, you will need proof of address and passport/Swedish ID card.
  • Visas: If you are an EU citizen, you will not require a permit to work in Sweden. You have the right to enter Sweden, along with your family, to look for a job. For non-EU citizens, you must apply for a work permit to work in Sweden. There are certain criteria to be met to qualify for one. Family members have the right to join you in Sweden but they must apply for residence permits.
  • Cost of living: Cost of living in Sweden is quite high and it is especially expensive in Stockholm, the capital city. To match this, the salaries are impressive in Sweden with the most attractive pay packages in Stockholm. Sweden has established an extensive public transport network, if you live in the city this would be a cheaper option than maintaining a car, although it is pricey compared to other countries.
  • Medical Care: Healthcare in Sweden is highly subsidized by the government; this means that a large percentage of medication and medical procedures are taken care of. Sweden’s national healthcare system has a long and proud history, the publicly funded medical care in Sweden still serves as a shining example to other countries.


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