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Things to know before Moving to South Korea

The excellence of its cuisine and its public transport, its internet infrastructure and its security culture has attracted more and more people to stay and live in South Korea. Known as one of the most affordable places to live and start a business, more and more foreigners decide to settle in this Asian country.

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Below are few things that you must know before Moving to South Korea:

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The Korean education system consists of several levels: primary (6 years), medium (3 years) and secondary (3 years) and university (2-4 years). Primary and secondary education is mandatory, but there is partial government support for kindergarten. There are international schools in South Korea

The apartments are also located in buildings for residential use only , although in some modern apartments, there are commercial areas in the low or in areas close to the blocks within the urbanization itself. The apartments have almost all with access control, that is, they are private enclosures, and with security guard. Some also have CCTV with what is considered the safest way to live at a reasonable price.

This type of housing is where the vast majority of South Koreans live, and it is the type of housing that has spread the most and is built the most.

If you ask for the one-bedroom apartments they will give you a budget that will vary between 330 and 520 euro per month. Renting a 3-bedroom apartment is considerably more expensive, since the owners ask for an income that, in general, ranges from 800 to 1,230 euros / month.

Endless hours for the employees, few holiday and endless public meeting to the boss; all this is part of the work civilization of South Korea. Here the chiefs are behaving approximately like demigods. The market is very spirited and the salaries are in fact good.

The cities where it is very easy to locate a job today are:

  1. Seoul
  2. Ulsan
  3. Busan
  4. Daegu

Bank accounts:
Once we arrive in South Korea we must open a bank account where we can put our savings. In the university where you are going to study surely there are branches where they can advise you to carry out this type of financial operations. It is usually a fairly simple process. They will give you a notebook or card where you can check the bank movements you make and a credit card.

To obtain the visa it is necessary to go to the embassies, consulates of South Korea in your native country. You can also go to the website of the Ministry of Commerce and International Affairs to apply for a visa.

Cost of living:
Its capital, Seoul, has the privilege of being among the top ten places in the ranking of the most expensive cities. Even so, there is a prominent dissimilarity in the middle of living in one area or another of the nation.

The education and housing are two of the idea spenders Koreans. The success is closely related to the level of education that is possessed, for that reason, the Korean parents do not skimp on expenses so that their children can be trained in the most complete way possible. Only in learning English can spend up to 900 Euros per month and is that this language is the key to access the University.

The food is relatively cheap, there are plenty of fast food for little money can get you in trouble. In rural areas, you can undoubtedly live with a much less budget than in the cities of the west of the country.

Medical care:
Korean hospitals generally have good equipment. Highly qualified general or specialized dentists work in Seoul. However, large hospitals are usually full and you must wait a long time to be served, even if you made a reservation. In Korea there are no international hospitals. However, hospitals for emergency treatment, general hospitals and private hospitals operate international clinics for foreigners. For more information, check the Hospitals and Clinics in Seoul. Foreigners employed by companies with more than 5 workers are entitled to Labor Medical Insurance. Community Health Insurance aims at those who do not have the right to Labor Medical Insurance.

Driving License:
To drive vehicle in South Korea one will need an International Driver’s License. The international driver license is valid for short duration. If you have plan to stay in South Korea for a longer period of time, then it is suggested to apply for long term resident driving license. Exchange your license with Korean driving license and drive without getting punished.

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