Make your Relocation to Singapore with APAC an enjoyable experience! Our professional expertise will make your visa, shipment, accommodation, insurance, banking and education aspects a smooth sail. We have got it all sorted for you!!


Relocating to Singapore?

On work, transfer, residence, study, tourism, professional course, official work or any other, nature of relocation may be personal or corporate, you got to know about the checkpoints which you need to cater to.


Trust Relocation Experts

All this & more, to save yourself a hassle of travel with all the above checkpoints, you can trust an expert who can help you with smooth & transparent re-location. Here services of APAC relocation step in with wide – variety of professional services be it related to your Visa, Travel Insurance, Baggage, Transportation of art & artefacts, furniture, documents, IT Infra or whatever you need for settling down in Singapore.
Expert services all under one roof…

Your Relocation without a professional help like APAC can be very stressful. Your just one call to our consultant will take away pain from the process, instilling confidence in you. We will handhold you right from ‘Start-to-finish’ involving Visa, Accommodation, Schooling, Banking, Insurance & Settling.
Get going with APAC!

Explore our bouquet of SERVICES for your HAPPY settlement in Singapore:

Travel Insurance

Want to travel stress-free along with your baggage, gadgets, documents? Travel Insurance for yourself and your belongings ensures that, with APAC’s expert handling of all your Insurance needs. While you arrive in Singapore, our expert team would be assisting you with your Cargo insurance also.

Health Insurance

Health care infrastructure in Singapore is quite robust which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Health of Singapore Government. It’s an efficient and widespread system with cutting – edge technology, highly-trained staff and well-managed facilities are known world over. All this makes health care costs quite high, 

Short-Term Accommodation

Arrived in Singapore? Now require short-term stay till you get settled? Short-Term accommodation is the solution. We at APAC will set-it up for you as per your preference, and make your stay enjoyable, what if short-term.

Cargo Insurance

While you are happy about relocating to Singapore, but at the same time, you are worried if your precious household belongings would reach safely. Leave your Cargo Insurance worries with APAC! All this makes health care costs quite high, 

Choosing a Credit Card

In Singapore, your arrival & survival becomes a challenge if you don’t have a credit card. Not only it helps when you don’t have cash, but it also brings you cash backs, promotional offers, discounts, reward points, all in all it rewards to use credit card in Singapore!


Choosing a bank according to your requirements is another important task at hand as an expat. Singapore is a banking and financial hub and most of the world’s prominent banks have a presence here, besides a host of local banks. Hence you are spoilt for choice!

Dining & Wining

Singaporean food is one of the most talked-about things for any tourist in Singapore. This is home to more dishes than you can eat in a lifetime right from international global and oriental cuisine to street food to homegrown chefs to Michelin starred restaurants, the place has it all. Take your pick!


You are planning to relocate to Singapore as an expatriate or have already relocated, finding suitable accommodation features most prominently on your agenda. Your choice of the house will make all the difference between having a fantastic expat experience and just about a mediocre one.

Inbound shipment service

Leave your shipment related worries on APAC’s professional team which guarantees smooth unpacking, assembling and settling, once your shipment reaches Singapore ports. We specialise in documentation too! Handle In-bound shipment professionally!


Want to apply for a visa to Singapore? You need to do it very meticulously as the Singapore Government is known to check your documents very thoroughly. Trust APAC’s professional expertise will make it a smooth sail.


Singapore is acclaimed world over for its shopping avenues which offer a heavy concoction of malls, high-streets, street-sides stalls, markets and very high-end upmarket malls with all top-of-the-line International malls. Without proper knowledge of these shopping destinations, you would tend to get lost!