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Moving to Saudi

Moving to Saudi to fulfill your personal and professional goals? Apac Relocation would be happy to be the part of your relocation. Apart from packing the goods and transiting them there are many more factors that need to be managed while relocating. Here we are sharing major areas that need to be addressed by the expat to make their immigration easy.

Make your relocation easy and smooth with the help of the professional removals. There are many international movers and packers offering a complete relocation package to their clients. Find the right partner and ward off all the worries. Work with a reliable name for the best experience. Call Apac Relocation and find out how they could assist you to relocate to Saudi with all your belongings. Whether you are a corporate mover or immigrating to a new country for a personal reason, one has to follow a definite procedure to make their immigration legal and hassle-free.

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APAC relocation owns a strong network and resources and can manage customs, quarantine, freight services, insurance etc. on behalf of the clients. Request an online quote today by filling up a form or use our relocation estimation calculator to get an idea about your moving cost.


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What do you need to keep in mind when relocating to Saudi?

School and colleges: Finding a school or college in a new place can be difficult. Especially, if you don’t have much idea about the education and school of that country. If you are moving to Saudi with family then finding a right school for the kids would be your first concern, you can ask the employers to assist you in finding the school or do some research work thigh internet and social media to find the best solution.

Housing: Finding a home in a new place can be challenging especially if you are moving from another country. Luckily, the online real estate world has made it easier for the expats to explore the estate market before hitting the ground. You can also ask your removalist to assist in finding the accommodation or at least connect you with concerned professionals, who can assist you in finding the accommodation,

Jobs: Before moving to Saudi for the job make sure you have work permit and visa. If you are on a corporate move then it will be managed by the employer. You can also ask job consultancy to guide you regarding this. These professional agencies not just help the candidates in finding the job but also provide assistance in getting all the paperwork done for the immigrant so that they can find the job without any legal complication.

Bank accounts: Thanks to the online banking now it has become easier to manage and open your bank account for immigrant as well. This becomes easier for corporate movers as they can ask their employer to complete the formalities and open your bank account.

Visas: The easiest way to get the visa is to apply for it online. Visit the official website of Saudi and apply for the visa. If you face complications, then consult a lawyer or relocation expert and they would make things easier for you. Visa is a time taking process and even the slightest mistake can put a hold on the procedure. Better ask the expert to manage on your behalf and help you in getting the visa.

Cost of living: Saudi has considered an expensive country and the cost of living are comparatively high. The cost of living is calculated on many factors and prime contributors are housing, schools, fuel price and the cost of the shopping basket of domestic items. Consider the cost of living and earning in a new city and plan your budget accordingly.

Medical Care: The country has many advanced hospitals with a team of efficient doctors. It is suggested to opt for medical insurance to cover the treatment expense as and when required. Many employers offer health insurance for the whole family or find an independent health insurance plan.

Driving license: Ask your removalist to assist you in finding information such as would you require an international driving license and what is the procedure to get the driving license.

Relocation can be tiring and exhausting; it drains you physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Plan a relocation with the professional team especially if you are moving internationally as they could assist you in planning everything, from packing, storage, and transiting, insurance, traveling and finding a hold in a new land! Request a quote online form Apac Relocation and move to Saudi to give your life a desired U-turn.