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Moving to Qatar

Middle East for Beginners

A country that offers the perfect mix to experience the richness and flavors of the Arabian culture without sacrificing Western conveniences. This independent and modern nation on the Arabian Gulf helps you ease into the cultures and traditions of the middle east. Other than rich culture, its natural beauty is another factor that attracts a lot of tourists and expatriates. The diverse landscape, from stunning sand deserts with its high dunes to mangroves to beautiful beaches, are sights not to miss and on the other hand the city of Doha offers the modern element with its unique skyscrapers giving the western touch.

Why move to Qatar?

Qatar is a safe place for expatriates, therefore attracting tons of foreigners to this middle eastern country. Expatriates make up 75% of the total population of Qatar. This young country has drawn positive world-wide attention with an economy that remains immune from much of the neighboring regions economic and political turmoil. It is also willing to spend its fortune to improve the lives of its people and in building educational and cultural institutions.

Most Qatar reside in and work within Doha where Bedouin tents and camels have been replaced by architecturally beautiful skyscrapers, shopping malls and fast food restaurants. Due to the high density of foreigners in the city, English is spoken by almost everyone. Therefore English speaking nationals need not worry. The lifestyle is also somewhat similar to that of in any European and American cities except with some cultural and religious norms to be aware of.  Expatriates are expected to respect these traditions, offering most foreigners an interesting contrast to their home country.

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What do you need to keep in mind when relocating to Qatar?

  • School and colleges: Qatar has placed high priority in improving its educational system for all residents, both nationals and non-nationals. It provides free education, from kindergarten to high school, to all citizens. However, the public school offer a strict Muslim curriculum, therefore expatriates opt for the wide options for private schoolings. There are schools established for almost every nationality with high standards due to the increase in quantity of private schools.
  • Housing: Most expatriates live in gated compounds where between 10 to 100 units of townhouses or attached homes situated. These are especially true for those whose employer accommodates them in the company’s own housing compounds which are not available to the general public. These often have its own amenities such as parks, playgrounds, sports halls, pools, cafés and many more within the gated compound, which makes it very safe and convenient for your family. Other options include standalone villas/houses and apartments. Points to take note of when finding your own accommodations are location, amenities, lease terms, etc.
  • Jobs: The oil and gas industry in Qatar accounts for more than 50% of its GDP, making Qatar the highest per capita income in the world. Therefore, most expats will find opportunities in the petrochemical industries. Additionally, the government has been trying to invest in non-energy sectors such as tourism sector, agricultural, financial etc, creating new job opportunities in those sectors as well. Many companies from abroad have opened branch offices here, creating more work opportunities for foreign residents.
  • Bank accounts: Once residency is established, you will be able to open a local current account.  Documents required are photocopy of your passport, residence visa, two photographs and no objection letter from employer. You don’t need to deposit an initial amount for current account, however for saving account you will need to make an initial deposit of QR 5,000 or QR 10,000 depending on the bank.
  • Visas: To work in Qatar you will either need an employment visa or a work permit. It is the employer’s responsibility to obtain the employment visa before you enter Qatar. Alternatively you can enter on a visiting visa and apply for an employment visa but you must not commence work till the visa is acquired. Document required for the application are completed application form, copy of Commercial Registration of business, immigration card, valid employment contract, your passport and four passport-size photos.
  • Cost of living: Qatar is known to have high prices for basic day to day commodities, however it compensates with a high average salary. Therefore, you will be able to cover your basic expenses and have enough to splurge and treat yourself and to save up for the future. Approximately 40% of your expenses is expected to be spend on rent and another 30% on food and groceries. You could save by shopping for groceries in the traditional markets, instead of going to the western style supermarket where you can expect to pay a premium.
  • Medical Care: The healthcare standards in Qatar are generally high, with Qatari citizens being covered by a national health insurance scheme. Expatriates will receive health insurance from their employers and self-employed are required to purchase one. If you apply for a health card, you will benefit from a significantly reduced cost of medical care in Qatar. You will need to complete a form at an HMC clinic or local post office and provide your passport, residence visa and passport sized photos to apply for this card. You will need to provide birth certificate and vaccination records on behalf of your children.

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