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Moving to Kenya

Kenya is known for its scenic landscapes and extensive wildlife preserves, including cheetahs, elephants, lions, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses and many more. This panoramic geography and diverse wildlife attract a lot of European and North American nationals, helping the tourism industry in Kenya. Kenya is also widely known for its musical and culinary heritage. Kenyan nationals proudly celebrate their cultures and traditions through their long history of musical and artistic expressions.

The multiculturalism, with a strong presence of the English language, and the well-integrated society of expats and locals captivates foreign nationals. However, expatriates often experience a culture shock in the beginning stages of moving, due to the dozen ethnicities present in Kenya.

With heaps of job opportunities in NGOs, multinational companies and the growing industries in East Africa, Kenya is considered an expat hotspot. Expatriates moving to Kenya with family can make use of the facilities and entertainment options available such as safaris and nature parks. The coastal beaches of Kenya are also a great option to enjoy with family and friends.

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What do you need to keep in mind when relocating to Kenya?

  • School and colleges: Schooling options are quite limited in Kenya, many public schools are underfunded and poorly resourced. It is advisable to select from international schooling options. Some of these schools accept new students year-round, while others have a waiting list.
  • Housing: Wealthy expatriates often opt for quiet suburbs with gated communities, such as Greenpark or Eastlands. For more inexpensive residential areas consider Kizingo, Nyali and Diani.  If you require assistance with home searching, it is recommended to use online real estate sites, and make sure you look for places with private security facilities as it is important when living in Kenya.
  • Jobs: There are promising job opportunities in the tourism, banking and IT industries as Kenya is one of the leading economies in these industries in East Africa. There are new infrastructure projects coming up for roads and transport, new energy sources and new communication networks, increasing demand for fresh university graduates and expatriates. Opportunities for highly qualified workers especially in NGOs and IGOs are favorable since headquarters of these firms are based in Kenya.
  • Visas:  For short term visit, citizens of most countries require an entry visa. Prepare documents such as the application form, passport (with at least 6 months validity), copy of flight itinerary, etc. For work permits and temporary residence permits, there are several types of visa permit available. Few available options are Class D (for employment including humanitarian), Class I (for foreign missionaries), Class K (for wealthy foreigners who wish to settle in Kenya) and many more. Foreign residences are required to register with the Immigration Department within three months of arrival.
  • Cost of living: Kenya has a lower cost of living compared to many other African countries. However, electricity and security service, which is an essential in Kenya, may be pricey.  Day to day living will be very affordable if you visit local markets and shops for monthly supplies. If your employer provides company housing you will save on accommodation, do note all income including bonuses and benefits in kind are subject to income tax in Kenya.

Relocation can be tiring and exhausting; it drains you physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Plan a relocation with the professional team especially if you are moving internationally as they could assist you in planning everything, from packing, storage, and transiting, insurance, traveling and finding a hold in a new land! Request a quote online form Apac Relocation and move to Kenya.