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Moving to Ireland

A country of rich culture and history

Irish people take pride in its long, well documented history all the way from the Middle Stone Age. Ireland educates people of its history via museums and fun tours it has set out for its own people and tourists. Ireland is also known for its green countryside with rolling hills and lush landscapes, due to which it earned the name of being the ‘Emerald Isle’. The tiny island is home to some of the oldest and most mesmerizing restored castles in the world.

Why move to Ireland?

Ireland has moved to become a technophile nation, but it still has the distinctive touch that no other countries can match. The friendly people, incredible outdoor lifestyle and endless festival that most people hunt for are what Ireland is made of. This Irish charm helps expatriates feel at home. Expatriates in Ireland are almost twice as likely to be well integrated into the local community to expatriates worldwide.

The safety and security in Ireland, which cannot be match by most other nations, and the quality of education are other factor most families consider Ireland for relocation. The excellent location makes Ireland a launching pad for travelling, people often take weekend trips to Rome or Barcelona or UK as these are all within three hours of travelling.

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What do you need to keep in mind when relocating to Ireland?

  • School and colleges: Ireland has a high standard of education, offering a world-class education to children. Ireland’s universities are ranked in the top five per cent globally, and they are known to produce highly employable graduates. For Primary and secondary education, you may opt for public schooling, which is free and of high standards. Parents are only expected to pay for school uniforms, books and costs associated with other activities.
  • Housing: Ireland offers housing for people with all different kind of budget. Common types of accommodation are apartments and row houses, most which are listed fully-furnished. These rentals spaces are often advertised on websites, local newspapers or via a real estate agency, therefore expats looking for accommodation should check out these streams
  • Jobs: European HQs of the World’s biggest tech and pharma companies are located in Ireland, therefore those aiming for jobs and businesses in this sector will thrive here. The agricultural and mining sector are the other potential industry for job seekers, as Ireland’s natural resources and agricultural lands are in abundance.
  • Bank accounts: Opening a bank account in Ireland is fairly straightforward. You will only need two documents to open one: one valid form of photo ID (your passport or driver’s license) and a document to prove your address (recent utility bill or correspondent from a government department).
  • Visas: A Business Visa or Employment visa are often opted out by expatriates moving to Ireland. An employment visa can only be applied for once your employment permit from Department of Jobs is obtained. Family members of expatriates can apply for a Join Family Visa (D visa).
  • Cost of living: Cost of living in Ireland is high especially in Dublin. It could be more affordable on the countryside or cities away from Dublin. It is possible to find housing under your budget; however transportation, food and entertainment are on the higher end.
  • Medical Care: Ireland has a well-functioning healthcare system, with free healthcare for most of its residences. However, some services are excluded from this free healthcare program. People with income below a certain limit can apply for a Medical card which exempts them from certain or all healthcare fee.

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