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Hong Kong, the truly international city is attracting expats from all across the globe and people are moving to this tiny yet power packed city to fulfill their professional dreams and aspirations.

The process of international moving is complex and for those who are relocating for the first time often get stressed. They might lose their baggage or get in trouble due to incomplete documents if you don’t want such things to ruin your relocation then join hands with Apac relocation, we have been active in removalist business for more than a decade and our efficient team offers the required solution.

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APAC relocation owns a strong network and resources and can manage customs, quarantine, freight services, insurance etc. on behalf of the clients. Request an online quote today by filling up a form or use our relocation estimation calculator to get an idea about your moving cost.


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School: The education system in Hong Kong is known for its high standard. Not just public schools, but private schools are also known for their excellent academic performance. There are many international schools that provide a wonderful opportunity for expats to continue their education in a competitive environment, but admission in these international schools is not easy and one must have a strong academic background to get admission in these schools.

Housing: Hong Kong offers wide accommodation options. One can choose a housing option that suits their budget and requirement, though, the majority of people prefer apartments. One can find 3 BKHK apartments costing 5,600 USD and if the apartment is fully furnished then it would cost more. As most of the people speak in English, so if someone is fluent in English they can easily find a home. If you are planning to buy property in Hong Kong then it is suggested to learn about the norms and rules before investing in property.  Explore rental property online or hire estate agent and find a house of your choice.

Job: Hong Kong Many MNC has chosen Hong Kong as headquarter for Asian countries due to its strategic location. There are many top MNC’s and organizations running their office in Hong Kong.  Every year, millions of corporate expats visit Hong Kong to fulfill their professional goals.  Finding a job in Hong Kong is due to tough competition. If you are applying through job portals then learn about interview etiquettes to grab the job. Also, ensure that your immigration and visa documents are properly before applying for the job. If you are planning a startup, then Hong Kong can be a rewarding place for you. It is suggested to consult a lawyer and CA to learn about how an expat can run their business.

Visa: If you are moving to Hong Kong for professional purpose, then you must have employment visa, while tourists from many countries who are visiting for a short duration can explore the country without a visa. Getting a visa is tough and one must prove that they have the caliber to contribute to the growth of the country and the economy only then they can get the visa. For those who are planning to stay for more than 6 months should apply for a Hong Kong ID card within 30 days of arriving. Once the card is provided, the expats can access many freedom and rights, including flying through security at the airport to borrowing a library book.

Health Care System: Hong Kong offer, low-cost public health care system to the expats. There are public healthcare systems as well as private medical centers. Both offer efficient medical care to the patients. Expat with the ID card can avail public health care system. One can find medical centers and hospitals run by efficient doctors who can communicate in proper and fluent English. To keep the medical expense under control one can opt for a health insurance plan as well.

Cost of living: Hong Kong is considered as one of the most expensive place to live in. The major contributor to the expense is house rent. Yet, one can control the rental expense by choosing the accommodation wisely. The easiest way to curtail on rental expenses to find a house away from the center area. Medical facilities are also affordable and good. So, if you can manage the rental expense, then Hong Kong is one of the best place to settle down for expats. The average salary offered in Hong Kong is decent. Some of the highest paid job profiles are attorneys, QA engineers, product managers, hardware engineers and industrial designers

License: Managing day to day commute is easier in Hong Kong as it has a well-developed transportation system. There are trams, buses, ferries that could connect you with the rest of the city. However, if you wish to drive in Hong Kong then you must present your valid driving license from previous countries, or apply for a license online. For the first time driver, they need to apply for a learner license then take a driving test and get a license.

Banking: Hong Kong is considered as a global finance industry that means expats can easily manage their financial and banking needs. Many international banks offer special services for that expat that makes it easier for them to secure their financial security. Opening a bank account is easy, just showing your ID proof and your account will be opened. The tax system is not heavy on expats and if you have any doubt or wish to learn more about banking and investment, then you can consult a banker to collect more information. In short, managing finance is easier in Hong Kong is easier for expats in comparison to many other countries.

Hong Kong is the country of opportunities and dream you can fulfill your career aspirations here. Plan your relocation with Apac, we don’t just pack and move the goods, but ensure that the client gets the best experience in a new country. Our dedicated relocation manager will take care of everything for you and will ensure that you did not feel left out in a new land. Request a quote and find out how our services can make relocation easier for you.