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Moving to Canada

A Diverse Multi-Cultural Land

Canada is a welcoming home to foreigners from all around the world. Expatriates will find multicultural communities that interact and integrate with them. It has a high standard of living, placing 3 Canadian cities in the top five ‘Most Livable Cities’ in the world by the EIU. Its diverse natural scenery, from oceans and lakes to snow covered mountains to mesmerizing rivers and waterfalls – namely the world-famous Niagara Falls, makes it one of the most promising lifestyle destinations in the world.

Canada is known for its harsh winter weather conditions, the nation is however full quipped to cope with it. These weather conditions are also taken advantage of by few of the many sports games Canada hosts and other popular athletic activities. Therefore, those that love sports and adventurous activities often visit Canada.

Why move to Canada?

Canada is one of the safest countries on Earth, in term of violent crimes and political stability. It has also been ranked #1 country in the world for personal freedom. The democracy protects freedom and human rights of men and women of various backgrounds to live freely.

In terms of education, Canada’s education system is well-balanced, several of the world’s top institutions in higher education are located in Canada. In addition, Canada boasts a strong employment market, due to an ongoing large skills shortage in certain industries. Canadian companies seek for thousands of foreign workers to fill jobs even in high-demand occupations. The government also provide many social programs that focuses on educating and training people to help get skilled jobs.

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What do you need to keep in mind when relocating to Canada?

  • School and colleges: Canada has a strong and well-funded public education system, these are mainly managed provincially. As education is overseen by the federal government, they maintain a high stand of education throughout the country. Canada has many internationally recognized university programs located in both urban and rural locations.
  • Housing: Prices for renting a home vary widely, apartments in major cities like Toronto and Vancouver are the most expensive options. Small homes in towns are more affordable. Buying a home in Canada is also a viable option for foreigners as there are little to no restrictions on foreigners buying properties in Canada.
  • Jobs: While unemployment grows around the world, Canada is always in search for new foreign talents due to the storage of labor in the country. Top occupations are information systems analysts and consultants, computer programmers, interactive media developers and many more.
  • Bank accounts: Opening a bank account is fairly simple, the requirements are two forms of valid ID (ex. passport and driver’s license) and a proof of residential address .(ex. utility bill)
  • Visas: Work permits are only issued with a confirmed job offer, therefore the simplest way to enter Canada is through a transfer within the current company you are working at. An express entry is also available skilled workers, subject to eligibility requirements, these have a much faster processing time.
  • Cost of living: Cities across Canada can vary widely in how expensive they are, with Vancouver being at the top of the list. However, it is still lower than many other cities around the world.
  • Medical Care: The universal health care system is publicly funded and with highly trained and educated doctors, nurses and technicians. New expatriates are recommended to sign up for a private health insurance till you receive a provincial coverage.

The only difficult part about relocating to Canada would be choosing which of the beautiful cities to live in, we will be handling all the rest of your stress. APAC Relocation is fully licensed and insured packers and movers in Singapore. We assure our clients of the safety of their belongings; our well-trained and experienced staff will make our clients’ relocation a pleasant experience.