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Moving to Argentina

European lifestyle on a budget

Argentina is an appealing destination for expats and retirees. It is widely known for the tango, elegant architecture, steak, wine and soccer. The cultural richness and its natural beauty, the lush rainforest, spectacular deserts, snowy mountains perfect for skiing and most of all its beautiful pristine beaches, makes it a dream destination to many. The lifestyle in Argentina is comparable to those found in Europe, giving Buenos Aires the title of being the Paris of South America for both its beauty and culture.

Why move to Argentina?

After overcoming the several economic crises that hit Argentina, its economy is on the up again. GDP growth rates are steadier thus creating more job opportunities. Although most jobs require some grasp over the Spanish language, fret not English Speakers are highly in demand especially in the growing tourism industry in Argentina.

The economic setbacks have driven down the cost of living, making it easier to afford good living without high cost like in London, Paris, Zurich or Dublin. The cost of rental accommodation is about 75% cheaper than average rental in North America for similar-sized units. The quality of life in Argentina was ranked well above other South and Latin American countries. Argentina also has an impressive education system, there are several international schools that are build mainly to support foreign children.

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What do you need to keep in mind when relocating to Argentina?

  • School and colleges: Education in state institutions are free at primary, secondary, tertiary   levels and in the undergraduate university level, this is an incentive available for foreigners as well. The quality of education is of high caliber, therefore international students often consider Argentina for study abroad programme. Few popular options within the international student community include Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba and Universidad de Belgrano.
  • Housing: Argentina has many options for accommodation, from luxurious apartments and grand estates to studio and shared apartments that are more pocket friendly. Online resources and real estate agents are the way to go to find your new home, however if you did assistance our staff are more than willing to do the job for you.
  • Jobs: Unemployment rate in Argentina was significantly reduced since 2001, giving rise to demand for high skilled foreign employees, such as engineers, managers and executives, and for low skilled foreign nationals. Having a good grasp over the Spanish language will be an additional benefit even applying for jobs in Argentina.
  • Bank accounts: Banks in Argentina allow foreigners to open bank accounts in both pesos and dollars, do note that dollar accounts are much more controlled and scrutinized. Most banks require Proof of residence, Passport, CUIL (an individual’s tax identification number) and a minimum deposit. Only permanent residence and citizens may open a saving account.
  • Visas: Your future Argentine employer will apply for your entry permit and working visa. If you face complications, then consult a lawyer or relocation expert and they would make things easier for you.
  • Cost of living: The cost of living in Argentina is low, which is why it is a desired location for retirement. Electricity is subsidized, rent will be economical depending on the location you choose to live, an other monthly expensive as inexpensive as well.
  • Medical Care: Argentina provides a free or highly subsidized healthcare services to both its citizens and foreigners. The medical staff are well trained, and a reasonably good quality of service is provided.

Relocation can be tiring and exhausting; it drains you physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Plan a relocation with the professional team especially if you are moving internationally as they could assist you in planning everything, from packing, storage, and transiting, insurance, traveling and finding a hold in a new land! Request a quote online form Apac Relocation and move to Argentina.