Auckland is an amazing place. Auckland has its merits and demerits. Some of the common details of Auckland is mentioned below.
  • Traffic – Traffic is high here but comparing to other countries, traffic is better.
  • Beach – It is a good place to have a walk around the beach. This is a good place for hiking too.
  • Job opportunities – Employment rate is high. If you are a skilled worker you can get paid high.
  • Attractions and Festivals – There are different attraction and festivals in the city. It is a good place to enjoy.
  • Real Estate – Real estate is booming and talk of the town.
  • Multicultural – Environment of the place is multicultural. You can meet new people and learn from different cultures.
  • Economic development – Economic development is very high. As New Zealand economy is booming, huge investments are being made There
  • Cafe culture – Cafes can be said as one of the top cafes in the world. The best place to get Cappuccino
  • Expensive city – City is very expensive. Cost of living is high.
  • Income – There are lot of opportunities here. You can earn high income here.
  • Safer – It is a safe place to migrate too. Crimes are less comparing to Ameriica
  • Environment – Clean air, Bluer seas, Crowds in streets are less, Greener gas, Relaxed people, Better quality of life.