Interesting Things to Know | Before Moving to Singapore

Written By Priyadarshini Nandi

February 18, 2021

Planning of moving to Singapore? If you have upcoming plans to move to Singapore for a job, work assignment or academics then read this blog. We tell you the interesting things to know about the island nation before you relocate.

Expensive City

Singapore is a pretty expensive place to live in. It is a cosmopolitan city with people from all over the world working and living here. You can call it an international hub for major economic activities and businesses. To be able to live a lavish life you need to earn well. For a comfortable living, you need a good income and need to make expenses wisely. If you have plans to move to Singapore and live here, then do not indulge in unnecessary spending.

Fast-Paced City Life

Undeniably Singapore is a fast-paced city with people from different countries working here. One of the interesting things to know about Singaporeans is that do not believe in wasting time when it comes to making money. Everyone here is in a rush to complete their daily goals and activities. The city is thriving with a large expat population. The nation overall has a speedy environment with the tendency of getting things done easy and quick.

Multi-Cultural Environment

Singapore hosts expats from all over the globe and it won’t be difficult for you to find a fellow from your home country. Although the majority of its expat population is Chinese, you will find people from western parts of the world as well as Asian nations. Singaporeans are friendly and welcoming to people from outside the country and the overall vibe here is multi-cultural.

Clean Nation

When it comes to public infrastructure, cleaning, and hygiene, you will find that Singapore is an extremely clean and well-maintained country. It is a wealthy state with efficient measures in place to keep the country sparkling clean. Littering is a punishable offense and people here are cautious to keep their surroundings clean. There is no clutter or mess anywhere in the city. This is one of the most interesting things to know about Singapore.

Language is not a Problem

Singapore has no issues with communicating in English and if you don’t know the local languages, it won’t be a problem. Most Singaporeans can speak English and here they have a unique way of speaking English which is known as Singlish. This basically means the local Singaporean language combined with English. It is fun and you can pick it up quite easily.

Strict Laws

The main reason why the county is so well-maintained and clean is that the rules and regulations in Singapore are very strict. Harsh punishments and heavy fines can be levied if you are found breaking major laws like littering or traffic rules. You may be surprised to find out that chewing gum in Singapore is illegal by law.

Perfect for Exploring Southeast Asia

Lastly, one of the interesting things to know about Singapore is that, it has a lot to offer to expats in terms of traveling and exploring the island nation. However, Singapore also has great connectivity to nearby countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Bali, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines, etc. So, don’t wait! Once you are here you can start exploring these nearby countries and have a gala short getaway. Flight options are cheap and the landscapes are stunning.

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