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Written By Priyadarshini Nandi

January 6, 2021

Do you reside in an HDB in Singapore? Do you have home insurance?  But do you know that home insurances only cover the building and other fittings by the HDB and not the contents of your home? So, it is a good idea to get home contents insurance as well that would safeguard all the furniture, household goods, etc. Read this blog, to know three important factors you should look for in your home contents insurance policy.

Personal Legal Liability and Tenant’s Liability

Personal legal liability refers to all kinds of personal damages that can happen to you or other people while they are at your place. Did you know that a home contents insurance policy covers your personal legal liability too? Yes, you heard it right! A good insurance plan will cover your personal legal liability up to a specific amount. For instance, you have guests at home and one of them happens to get injured. So, an insurance plan that covers personal legal liability can come to the rescue here.

Additionally, if you are a tenant, and you happen to lose or damage household goods that belong to your landlord. If your landlord brings any kinds of charges against you, a home contents insurance policy will cover you under tenant’s liability.

Accidental Death Protection

One more important feature of home contents insurance policy is that it covers you for family accidental deaths. It is common in Singapore that most minor to moderate injuries happen inside homes and so, it is important you have this cover.

With home contents insurance plan, if anything happens to any member of your family, wife, children, parents, husband,  you are eligible to get some amount of coverage through your home contents insurance policy. This can be applied to situations where any member suffers injuries leading to death.

Emergency Home Assistance

This is a vital feature in your insurance policy. It is very common to have locked yourself out of your house or facing major plumbing issues etc. A home contents insurance policy will include emergency situations where you need services like plumbers, locksmiths, electricians, etc.

Singaporeans know how difficult it is to get such services last minute and emergency situations won’t knock at your door before they arrive! If you have a good home contents insurance plan, you will be covered with full-service charges, and other costs you had to incur during an emergency. Also, you will get assured services and don’t have to worry finding a locksmith in the middle of the night.

Why should you get home contents insurance policy?

Many insurance companies in Singapore provide home contents insurance policy. And the insurance plans also cover home renovations along with home contents. You can get a complimentary home contents insurance policy along with your mandatory HBD Fire insurance policy. You can choose the kind of premium you want to pay. The benefits are simple, the higher the premium higher the coverage. But there are different plans and you can choose one depending on your budget and needs.

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