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Written By Priyadarshini Nandi

January 13, 2021

If you are an expat in Singapore and want to buy health insurance, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we tell you everything about health insurance for expats in Singapore. Consider the situation where are employed in the country and you are given health insurance coverage by your employer. However, it may so happen that the coverage is not enough. In such a scenario, you may buy health insurance or choose to upgrade your current policy. 

Why Health insurance for Expats?

Of course, Singapore as a country is modern, advanced, has a cosmopolitan population and high standards of living. But this does not mean you do not need health insurance. The standard of healthcare in the country is quite high so medical treatments are also expensive. You will get both public and private healthcare in Singapore and citizens are eligible for subsidies as well. Public healthcare is cheaper than private but there are long ques and the facilities are basic.

All of these reasons make health insurance for expats vital. Also, keep in mind that all Singaporeans and permanent residents in the country are covered under a basic healthcare policy known as MediShield Life. This health insurance is provided by the government of Singapore and offers only very basic coverage. You can always upgrade your MediShield plans with a private insurance company. 

Health Insurance Plans for Expats?

We have listed three options for health insurance plans for expats living in Singapore. 

International Health Insurance (local companies)

 You will find local insurance companies providing international health insurance plans too. And specifically for expats in the country. 

International Health Insurance Plans (global companies)

These insurance plans are offered by insurance companies based out of Singapore. Although you might have health insurance policies in your home country, check for the kind of coverage they offer for international territories.  

Integrated Shield Plans

These are plans provided by local insurance companies. Singaporeans can club it together with their MediShield Life. However, as an expat residing in the country, you will not be eligible for MediShield Life. What you can do is buy an insurance policy from the local insurance company. 

How Much to Spend on Insurance?

We recommend you spend anywhere between 3% to 10% of your earnings monthly. Don’t overspend on paying insurance premiums as insurances are to support you financially not drain the excess money. Calculate your expenses and look into what kind of coverage you need for you and your dependents. Correct assessment of needs will give you an idea of the kind of insurance policy you require. Research thoroughly and buy a suitable insurance plan while you are in Singapore. 

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