Covid-19 has impacted every industry across the globe, accelerating recession. The Pandemic brought in drastic changes in careers of many individuals. Certain industries have been worse hit, witnessing layoffs and a significant drop in job vacancies.

The majorly hit sectors in Singapore like Aviation, Tourism, Food & Beverage (F&B), Retail, Beauty/fitness, and many more will need a long-time to bounce back. The trend right now is that employers are hiring on a need-based model and there are more opportunities for freelance work.

Here are the top 5 freelance jobs that can come to your rescue & provide some respite.


Healthcare Screener

You don’t require any particular degree for this job. All you need is to pay close attention. As a healthcare screener, all you have to do is screen people to check their temperature. The need for a temperature checker is everywhere these days so, you can apply with offices, malls, companies, service providers, etc. schools, and many more places. Even if you got a day job and want to earn some extra buck, this is a viable option. The works hours are flexible and the requirements are as low.

Admin Assistant

The Pandemic has caused major losses to businesses and proven to be a logistical nightmare for enterprises. With rampant lay-offs and pay cuts, temporary jobs are on the rise. Many companies are looking for temporary admin staff to manage back-end operation, logistics, and everyday operations. Admin assistants are also required for data entry, customer help desk, etc. If you think you can make cut, look for freelance admin vacancies. You never know, your temporary role could turn out to be a full-time gig.

Delivery Rider

All you need for this job is a bike and a valid driver’s license. Since Covid-19 has forced people indoors most service companies require delivery partners/agents to fulfill their remits. This job is the best way to make some quick money and supplement your income. You could try working at moving companies, food delivery/ restaurants, courier services, supermarkets, etc. So, take out your bike on the road & go or it!

Social Distancing Ambassador

Yes, you heard that right! Social distancing ambassadors are for real and many places are hiring individuals to do the job. You have to encourage people to maintain the rules of social distancing. For example – making safe spots for a que and ensuring people keep a safe distance. In fact, if you think about it, this is more than just a part-time job as you are also contributing to deter Covid-19. What’s the harm when you can earn some money & contribute to a good cause as well. The only thing you need to be a social distancing ambassador is good communication skills.

Data Analyst

Data is equivalent to gold and companies place immense importance on data mining. Well, this unlike all other part-time jobs requires certain qualifications and technical skills. Most companies look for data analysts to track & monitor various programs. Some companies may also require you to analyze statistics and industry insights. If you think this is your forte, then you can look for such opportunities in recruitment sites. The job crisis right now is appalling & the Pandemic we are in is far from over. So if you are looking for a job or you’re a budding entrepreneur, it is a good idea to halt your dream job/business for a while and take a shot at freelance opportunities. Besides, a temp job might help you build some connections for future references as well. You can also drop your resume here –(link) & we’ll get back to you if there’s a match!