Five Best Credit Cards | Credit Cards for Dining in Singapore

Written By Priyadarshini Nandi

February 22, 2021

Wine and Dine in Singapore? Why not? Especially when you have such great credit card options to benefit from. Singapore is renowned for its restaurants and cafes. With so many great options to dine it’s hard to resist temptation. Now, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on food. As you can have the right credit cards in your wallet. Credit cards in Singapore offer great deals like cashback, air miles, discounts, etc. on dining and food deliveries. So, why not make the most of it? In this blog, we tell you about the five best credit cards for dining in Singapore.

Citi Cash Back Card

Number one on our list we have the Citi Cash Back Card. This credit card will offer you the highest cashback at a 0.25% base rate and an additional 7.75%. If you fulfill the minimum spend criteria (S$888 monthly). It has exclusive offers for top restaurants in Singapore with its Citi Gourmet Pleasures option. Also, you will get 8% cash back upon using the card in any restaurant anywhere across the globe. To be able to get your hands on this card, you will need to earn an amount of S$30,000 if you are local here. And for non-Singaporeans, you will need to have an income of S$42,000.

The minimum spend amount is high for this card and the annual fee stands at S$192.60 for a principal card. And S$96.30 for a supplementary card with an annual interest rate of 28%. However, the pros of the Citi Cash Back Card are that you get cashback for all your groceries and supermarket purchases. That too anywhere in the world. The card is a good choice for families who rely mostly on ordering food and dining outside.

American Express Platinum Credit Card

 Credit cards by American Express are a popular choice everywhere. If you are a frequent diner at restaurants, then you will benefit from this credit card. It has great dining offers at Singapore’s finest restaurants with its Love Dining program. There are different ranges of discounts. For your restaurant visits starting with 15% off if you are dining alone, 50% off if you are dining with a friend, and 35% off if you are dining with 2 people. Although the annual fee or this credit card is high at S$321, you get a waiver for the first two of your supplementary cards.

As compared with Citi Cash Back Card, here the annual interest rate stands at 24.99 %. As a local Singaporean, you must have an annual income of S$50,000, to avail this Credit Card.  Hence, we recommend you opt for this credit card if you a high spender on dining. This is one of the five best credit cards for dining in Singapore.

POSB Everyday Card

POSB offers great benefits for everyday use as you will get 9% cashback on dining in restaurants over the weekends and a 3% cashback for dining out on weekdays. Moreover, there’s a 14% discount on ordering through food delivery apps like Deliveroo, McDelivery, Foodpanda, etc. Most importantly, you are offered up to 20% off on petrol at SPC and there are offers on buying groceries and personal care items as well. The minimum spend range for this one is S$600 monthly and the annual fee is  $192.60 for the principal card. And you will be charged $96.30 per year for a supplementary card. One of the pros of POSB Everyday Card is it can serve as an ATM card as well.  

HSBC Revolution Credit Card

With this card, you will get great deals and benefits on dining and travel as well. As a local, you need to have a minimum annual income of S$30,000. And as for non-Singaporeans you will need to earn S$40,000 annually. HSBC Revolution Credit Card offers you 2 air miles or 5 times reward points for every dollar you spend on dining at cafes and restaurants. The pros of this credit card are air miles, 10% off on all travel packages, 16% off on petrol among other cashback benefits. The annual interest is 25% with an annual fee of S$160.5 for a principal card. Our advice, you get this card if you a big on spending on restaurants and are a frequent flyer.

Maybank Horizon Platinum Visa Card

This one for people who love to dine-out and travel the world. Here you will be offered great dining deals as well as air miles. The annual fee stands at S$180 and will be waived off if you meet the minimum spend range. If you have monthly expenses of S$1,500 or yearly expenses of S$18,000 then your annual fee will be waived off. Apart from this, what you get is up to 3.2 air miles for every dollar spent on restaurants/dining, air tickets, expenses incurred abroad, and travel packages. Moreover, you will also get 2 air miles for every dollar incurred on expenses like taxi, petrol, etc. We recommend this credit card for frequent travellers and diners. This is one of the five best credit cards for dining in Singapore.

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