APAC Relocation offers a partnership ventures with Corporate bodies for their Global Mobility journey, covering the full spectrum of relocation services.

APAC Relocation is a global mobility company. We take up the entire relocation journey including packing and moving, services required at the destination, immigration, short term accommodation, house finding, school admission etc.,

Our core competence is providing services that help corporations and their employees relocate and settle in a new country. These services are delivered to a consistently high standard, locally and globally, and managed through our own operations around the world.

Consultancy Services

  •  Contract Agreement and move management
  •  Compensation, fees and expense management
  •  Real estate and property management
  •  Supply chain management
  •  International Mobility consulting

Business visa & immigration

  • Corporate level consulting
  •  Assessment and Estimation
  •  Consular services
  •  Permits for employment
  •  Compliance support
  •  Education and Training
  •  Guidance and advisory notes

Shipping & Destination services

  •  Searching for Residences
  • Briefing on culture and language training
  •  Repatriation services
  •  Searching of Schools
  •  Settling-in and area orientation
  •  Temporary accommodation
  •  Room Rental management
  •  US domestic services

Movement services

  •  Home-to-home
  •  Quality packing and unpacking at the destination
  •  Sea/Air/Road transport
  •  Taxes and Customs Duty
  •  Mobility Management
  •  Shipment protection
  •  Safe Storage facility

Consultancy Services

The management of APAC Relocation offers the full spectrum of relocation and consulting services to businesses and their assignees.

Shipping and destination services

APAC Relocation provides comprehensive Global Mobility and Destination Services across the world.

Movement services

APAC Relocations services offers a swift and safe service when moving assignees to their new homes.

Business visa and immigration

We have one of the largest and most experienced visa and immigration legal practices in the Global Mobility business. Our immigration department enables your assignees to work overseas easily.