Christchurch is the largest city in South Island. Population strength is 360,000. People in the town are very friendly and welcoming. If you are planning to go to Christchurch, You can get an online guide from internet,

Environment – Climate in Christchurch is very good. During winter it gets very cold and some times starts snowing. Keeping a extra jacket, is recommended. Rainfall is very low. Sometime high humidity days are also present but it doesn’t last long. There are massive green areas and hence it is a beautiful place.

Career – Skilled jobs here are less. Landing in your dream job may not happen. If you are planning for a career, try in other cities of New Zealand.

Public Transport – Christchurch public transportation is not much developed. Bus network are present here.

Shopping – Shopping for general purpose is available. Advanced trendy collections may not be available here.

I would like to conclude by saying Christchurch is a nice city. Before migrating to any city, it is good we have a general view about the city. Considering the merits and demerits, If you are ready to go forward with it, then kindly go ahead.