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Written By Priyadarshini Nandi

October 15, 2020

Dempsey Hill represents the colonial past of Singapore with its old British architectural remains. However, over the years the quarter has been transformed into a contemporary area where you will a lot of food joints, retail shops, bars, and cafes as well. Today’s Dempsey Hill is quite popular with the young crowd and tourists. Here you can enjoy some delicious food, evening walks, visit old churches and of course click some insta-worthy pictures. We have compiled a list of the best restaurants in Dempsey Hill for you to venture into.

Chang Korean BBQ Restaurant

Korean cuisine is a huge hit these days and people love those DIY Korean eateries. Chang Korean BBQ is also one such cute little restaurant. They offer a great DIY charcoal barbecue. You can choose from a selection of seafood and meat according to your choice and cook them just how you want it. We recommend you try the spicy buckwheat cold noodles served with organic sprouts, onion pancakes, and spicy seafood soup. This restaurant offers delicious Korean specialties and will leave you with a taste you’ll remember for days!

The White Rabbit Restaurant

Looking for European cuisine? Come here to The White Rabbit Restaurant. This is a cozy restaurant makes up for that perfect romantic dine-out or a weekend brunch. As the name suggests, the interiors of the restaurant are inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The brunch spread they serve here is widely popular and it gets packed on Sundays. We recommend you make reservations if you plan to visit for a Sunday brunch. This is one of the best restaurants in Dempsey Hill.

Jim Thompson Thai Restaurant

This restaurant offers you specialty Thai culinary. You must visit this place if you are a Thai food lover. The interiors of this place represent a contemporary take on Siamese arts and crafts. The menu reflects classic Thai dishes from appetizers to curries, noodles, desserts, and much more. They offer over 80 authentic Thai dishes prepared by the in-house team of Thai Chefs. So, you can be sure that you’ll be served great taste and authentic delicacies here.


You can get any kind of cuisine you want in Singapore. So, if you are a fan of Mexican cuisine head to Margarita’s. The vibe and feel of this restaurant is warm, cheerful and the décor reflects Mexican Art. Food and drinks both offer great taste. You can try burritos, quesadillas and we recommend you do not miss their signature dish baked crab enchiladas.

Red Dot Brewhouse 

Come here if you want to enjoy some good beer along with some mouth-watering goodies. This place has an in-house brewery and spins seven flavored beers. While drinks are the main focus here, we suggest you try the grilled meats, stone oven pizzas, burgers, sausages and you won’t be disappointed. Red Dot Brewhouse is one of the best restaurants in Dempsey Hill and is a must-visit.

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