Singapore is an emerging economy and it is considered as one of the most desirable places to work in Asia. The Lion city enjoys a reputation for being clean and well-maintained. Singapore is extremely welcoming and a very safe place to live in. Business here is thriving as many start-ups are popping up.

If you are looking for a job in Singapore, here are 7 easy ways for you to kick-start your career.

  • Skillsfuture

There is no better way to upgrade your career than by upgrading your skills. Skillsfuture is a government-led movement that empowers Singaporeans to identify their potential & develop their skills.

You can enroll in various courses and widen your knowledge base. SkillsFuture aims to support Singaporeans to use their potential to the fullest and achieve great heights. Such initiatives broaden your opportunity pool and boost your career.



  • Know the skills in demand

Research on Industry trends and identify career options that are in demand. These can be industries where there are plenty of jobs which offer high salaries. You can explore recruitment websites and company review websites to acquire better insights.

A good understanding of the job market and the hiring process will give you an idea of the skill sets you need to score your dream job. If you don’t have the required skills, then work on yourself to create a profile that catches the eye of potential recruiters.



  • Creative mind-set

Of course, big corporations have big budgets, but the trick is to deliver success within a small budget. Creativity is a skill or talent which will always be sought after by companies/businesses.

The key is to achieve maximum success with a limited budget by creatively approaching your work. When you can demonstrate your unique capabilities you automatically position yourself as a tough competitor to your peers.



  • Aim for the stars

Finding a job you love is tough, but quitting a stable income is tougher. This is a dilemma most professionals face.  However, to make it big you have to aim for the prize.

Explore jobs that interest you and match your passion, form your resume which highlights the necessary skill & experience you got. Once you are in an environment that you love, success won’t be far away.



  • Begin Small

Singapore has many small & medium enterprises (SMEs). To jumpstart your career, you can choose to work in such firms where you get to explore the field. A small company will present you with the scope of diverse experiences as opposed to big firms where you are mostly bound to specific roles. A wide horizon of experiences will enhance your know-how & subsequent career path. You can use such work experiences to build a competitive profile.



  • Lateral Transfers

You can try this if you are in your mid-career phase. A lateral transfer into a different industry can help you climb the ladder quickly. Career change is important to remain dynamic & relevant in today’s times.

It will expand your network & open new doors for opportunities. Singapore’s Work development Agency has many courses that professionals can take up to better their chances of changing industries. This is an easy way to uplift your career.


Singapore’s Sunrise Industries

Singapore has something exclusive known as ‘Sunrise’ industries. Although it is the hub of commercial sector in all of Asia, rapid developments have led to the rise of newer industries presenting a massive pool of opportunities to Singaporeans. Finance Technology (Fintech) industry is one such example which has grown exponentially in a short time. Positioning your career in Sunrise industries could help you accelerate your career. The Singaporean government is supportive of these industries too, as they place Singapore on the global map of technology & innovation. Singapore is the perfect spot for professionals to kick-start their careers. It is an ideal blend of technology with the government’s support. All you need to do is set your career goals, build your skill-sets & hunt for your dream job. Who knows you may land one today! If you think you got what it takes, write to us at Submit your Article